A Network of Independent Financial Professionals

Parsonex Financial Services is a network of independent financial professionals who believe in helping families pursue their financial goals and dreams. We have a unique and powerful culture that provides synergy to financial professionals who want to build their own financial services business. Whether you are a new financial professional taking advantage of our unique opportunity to start part-time, or an experienced financial professional looking for synergy, our firm provides the ideal systems, support and environment for you to grow.

Core Philosophies

A lot of companies will sell whatever customers are willing to buy.  This is not the case with Parsonex.  We have core philosophies that govern how we treat clients. Because of this, it is as important what we don’t sell as what we do.  Independent firms have access to more products and services than they need.  However, having the wisdom and discernment to guide clients in a positive direction is critical.  Therefore, we have shared cultural philosophies as a firm.
We believe in always doing what’s right for our clients in helping them achieve their long term goals. It’s not about being all things to all people, rather being the best version of ourselves we can be.  Our focus is on developing healthy long term relationships based on sound financial principles and philosophies.
We believe…
  1. A simple financial plan that identifies specific goals and measures progress is critical;
  2. Owning professionally managed, diversified, portfolios of companies for long term investments is a recipe for success;
  3. Buy term and invest the difference is the right life insurance philosophy;
  4. Cash value life insurance, equity indexed annuities, and similar savings vehicles are poor long term investments and should be avoided at all costs;
  5. Long term investment success should be measured relative to a person’s goals;
  6. Investor behavior determines investor outcomes more than any other factor.
  7. An independent financial professional is critical to an investor’s long term success because they help identify goals, select portfolios aligned with those
  8. Long term relationships and goals based planning can have the greatest impact on behavior over time.

Competitive Products

As an independent firm, we are able to offer highly competitive products and services from a variety of partners. We don’t own the product manufacturers and, more importantly, they don’t own us. We are able to utilize a variety of services to create customized solutions that best fit our client’s needs.

Being independent empowers Parsonex financial professionals with the flexibility to select high quality products that match a client’s objectives. Furthermore, financial professionals have the flexibility to make adjustments as market conditions, product offerings, or the client’s financial situation changes over time. Even well intentioned financial professionals can be severely limited in their ability to properly offer their clients the most competitive solutions when they operate in a captive environment.

Independence further aligns Parsonex financial professionals with clients as our aim is to offer clients the best products and services that fit their needs.

If you haven’t explored the advantages of being affiliated with an independent firm like Parsonex, you owe it to your clients, your team, and to yourself to explore your options.

Financial Professionals

We believe in developing financial professionals who believe in our foundational philosophies and understand the tremendous value they can offer their clients.

Training and development resources help Parsonex financial professionals become professionals who are competent, knowledgeable, and understand goals based planning. While most modern training programs focus on theory and mechanics, Parsonex financial professionals are taught to understand that the context of the client-financial professional relationship and its impact on the client’s behavior is critical to mutual long term success.

We believe in helping financial professionals build healthy long term businesses. Whether you are starting from scratch or bringing an existing client base with you, our goal is to help you take the next steps to grow your business.

Starting as a Financial Professional

Starting as a financial professional can seem like a daunting task. There is so much to learn. Building a client base takes time. Being entrusted with a family’s lifetime savings is an enormous responsibility. Helping clients be in the best possible position to achieve their financial goals is no small task.

That’s why when starting as a financial professional with an investment firm it’s important that you have access to competitive products, receive proper training and support, and are in a system that allows you to build your business the right way. Be sure you are working with an firm that is independent.

One of the key advantages to starting as a financial professional with Parsonex is we provide you a comfortable business environment that allows you to build a business at your own pace without the pressure. You work closely with a mentor who will help you focused on the right activities necessary to build your business.

In summary, starting as a financial professional can be challenging. And that is why starting as a financial professional with Parsonex can make a lot of sense for the right person!

A Fast Growing Industry

According to Pew research, 28.6 million baby boomers retired in the third quarter of 2020, accelerating the retirement trend due to Covid-19*.  Retirees are looking at retirement planning options and many have concerns about the challenges that face them. This represents an unprecedented opportunity in the financial services marketplace.

In the past, a family worked for a company for a long period of time and then received a pension which supported them during their golden years. Present-day retirement planning has drastically changed. Families need to provide for their own financial security if they want to maintain their lifestyle during what could be a long retirement.

*The pace of Boomer retirements has accelerated in the last year.  Pew Research Center, November 9, 2020

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