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We are excited you decided to learn more about a financial professional career with our firm.  While we are advocates for our industry and financial professional careers in general, we believe that a financial professional career with Parsonex Financial Services has some unique and powerful advantages.

Transitioning to a Financial Professional Career?

Transitioning to a financial professional career with Parsonex Financial Services has unique advantages.  Our innovative business model allows new financial professionals to start part-time and build their business the right way—with a focus on developing client relationships, offering outstanding customer services, and building a foundation of residual income. Our firm lets you start part-time and keep the security of full-time job when getting started.

You can get licensed and learn the business and start growing your client base. This allows you to earn additional income to supplement your current lifestyle and invest in your business. Transition full-time into your financial professional career at the time of your choosing and without the pressure.  

Relationships are the cornerstone to any successful financial professional career. Providing clients exceptional service over the long term can set you apart from competitors.  The Parsonex business model allows you to build client relationships without the pressure. We offer training, support, proven systems and an empowering and encouraging culture. We equip you with the tools and resources to put you on a financial professional career path towards success.  

Create sustainable and growing income for yourself and others. Help clients plan for retirement and implement strategies to help them achieve their long-term goals. Build financial independence and reach for your dreams as you help others achieve theirs!

Becoming a Financial Professional: Timing Is everything!

Becoming a financial professional on your own terms leads to better client relationships. Focusing on service instead of sales leads to less pressure, better relationships, and more referrals.  Over time, you can build residual income that allows your business to grow organically. Accelerate your career and transition full-time at a pace and time that fits your lifestyle.

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Already a Financial Professional?

Some of the best success stories at Parsonex Financial Services are experienced professionals who were looking for the right culture, support and synergy for their financial services business.   Our proven business model, independent platform, and amazing support systems can empower you to take your financial professional career to the next level.

We attract people from all walks of life who want to make money while making a difference. Join our team now to build an amazing long-term business for your own family while making a positive difference in your community.

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We want to hear from you! This unique business opportunity appeals to people from all backgrounds who are ready to have a second act in their career or build a profitable side business.