Start Part-Time. Transition Careers. Enjoy Life.

We have found that financial advisors who start their career the “right way” are happier and can focus on meeting their clients needs without the financial pressure typically associated with being full time immediately. The pressure of traditional career paths have led to high attrition rates for financial professionals. This can have a negative impact on client relationships and ultimately reflects poorly on our industry.

By being a part of Parsonex Financial Services you are an integral part of a diversified financial service company that owns two registered broker dealers, an SEC registered investment adviser, a private fund group, and much more. We work with a network of independent financial professionals whose focus is serving their clients with excellence and building lasting relationships.

Become a financial advisor with Parsonex Financial Services and enjoy the journey of growing your business.

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A Professional Financial Advisor Practice

We believe that customer service is the key to developing excellent long term relationships with clients. It is therefore critical that financial advisors build a business that allows them to profitably provide this excellent service to their clients. Traditional business models don’t support this effectively.  Rather than focusing on sales, we believe in taking the long view.  We train representatives to focus on building client relationships and focusing on service.

At Parsonex Financial Services, we teach financial advisors to build a business using a long term service model rather than a traditional sales model. In order to become a financial advisor and do this effectively you must:

  • Build Residual Income – fees and trail commissions incentivize long term relationships and service excellence. This also provides a stronger foundation for long term business success.
  • Service a limited number of clients – by limiting the number of clients you serve you can build stronger relationships and provide better service to the right clients.

The Parsonex Financial Services system is designed to help financial advisors effectively do both of these! By starting part-time, financial advisors can focus on the long term and build a consistent income. This, in turn, can help you not only become a financial advisor part-time, but transition in the future if you choose to do so. Parsonex financial advisors choose how many clients they want to work with. You can scale your business as you choose and build around your lifestyle.  As you gain experience, you may choose to mentor other financial advisors in our system. This mentorship program, where more experienced financial advisors help those less experienced, is part of the Parsonex Financial Services culture.

Advantages to Building At Your Own Pace

Here’s why you may want to become a financial professional and build a business with Parsonex Financial Services:

  • Earn additional income to supplement your current salary and lifestyle.
  • Learn from experienced financial advisors through our mentorship program.
  • Build residual income with consistent earnings before transitioning careers.
  • Grow a business at your own pace without the financial pressure of being full-time and having to “make sales” to survive.
  • Gain valuable experience before you make a full-time commitment.
  • Find out now if this career change makes sense for you and your family.
  • Focus on helping families plan for their long-term goals by offering highly competitive products you can be proud of (a benefit of being an independent firm).

Our new financial advisors can focus on long-term planning, serving clients with excellence, and earning residual income on assets under management. This lets you become a financial advisor without the pressure typically associated with starting full-time.

An Amazing Culture

The culture at Parsonex Financial Services is all about helping people and providing outstanding customer service. We have a business structure and environment that incentivizes more experienced financial advisors to invest time mentoring new financial advisors and help them advance in the business. This creates a family like environment where we function as a team and you have a strong network of other financial advisors supporting you. While you are in business for yourself, you are not by yourself!

A Comprehensive Training & Development Program

Our Financial Professional Development Program allows individuals who are new to the industry to learn the business at their own pace while equipping them with the tools necessary to become a financial advisors. Financial advisors need to develop the skills necessary to serve our clients with excellence, help them achieve their long term goals, and to retire with confidence.

There are three important development areas when you are getting started with Parsonex:

Licensing & Registration

We operate in a highly regulated industry and new financial advisors are required to obtain various securities industry and insurance licenses. See “Required Commitment” for costs associated with this process.

Field Training

Experienced financial advisors will work with you to help you start building a client base, earning an income and building your business. This mentorship program gives you an edge by providing you real and practical experience that gets you on the path to long term success.

Professional Development

While licensing provides you the core knowledge and field training the hands on experience, there is much to learn as you become a financial advisor. Consistent training programs and personal coaching provide you the essential skills you need to be successful. The process is ongoing and our network of financial advisors share best practices to keep everyone up to date on industry developments and what’s working. In addition to the training program, our financial advisors have a clear development path that helps them advance their career and achieve their goals.

Steve Smit

become a financial advisor

“Starting part-time and building up $50,000 of recurring revenue allows people like me the opportunity to build up a base income prior to transitioning careers.” Read Steve’s story…

Jeremy Clevenger

“It’s a business that allows me to use my coaching and teaching skills to help families while providing an excellent income for my own family.” Read Jeremy’s story…

Carol Griffin

become a financial advisor - carol griffin

“We were able to become financially independent because someone took the time to educate us, develop a plan, and work with us over the years.” Read Carol’s story

Required Commitment

Our opportunity might sound too good to be true. It isn’t too good to be true.  It is too good to be free. There are costs from a financial and time commitment standpoint.

Firms that subsidize licensing costs add pressure in other ways.  These challenges can include:

  • You typically are required to be full time.
  • You will get paid less through lower commission rates or haircuts.
  • Captive relationship with them through restrictive contracts.
  • Captive relationship forcing you to sell certain products.
  • Non-compete agreements.

Starting your business with Parsonex Financial Services offers you and your clients significant advantages.  You can earn competitive compensation and offer your clients competitive products.

We recommend part-time financial professionals spend is 10-15 hours per week.

The financial commitment varies depending on which states you are licensed in.  Click Here to estimate your exact amounts.

Additionally, you will likely choose to invest in marketing to promote your business.

It’s Worth It!

While there is a financial and time commitment, the rewards are worth it! Building a business with Parsonex Financial Services will not only provide you additional income but will enable you to start building a residual income that can grow long term while maintaining a flexible lifestyle.

Start Your Journey As A Financial Planner!

We want to hear from you! This unique business opportunity appeals to people from all backgrounds who are ready to have a second act in their career or build a profitable side business.