Parsonex is a network of people who believe in simple, disciplined investment philosophies and support one another in building a business.

Morgan AyersExperienced Financial Professional

We do what’s best for the client. We won’t sell products that we wouldn’t sell to our parents or our kids. We can do that because we’re independent and the product providers don’t own us. We have no special allegiance to any particular products or companies.

Michael Paulding ThomasExperienced Financial Professional

Parsonex has an amazing culture, great group of people and the best back office support structure I have ever worked with. I have doubled my business almost every year since joining Parsonex.

Steve GonzalezExperienced Financial Professional

A Home for Experienced Financial Professionals

Parsonex Enterprises is a diversified financial services company that owns two registered broker dealers, an SEC registered investment adviser, a private fund group, and more.

We work with a network of independent financial professionals whose focus is serving their clients with excellence and building lasting relationships.

Some of our most successful professionals have indicated that they found their “home” when they affiliated with Parsonex. Our unique culture empowers you to use the knowledge, skills, and experience you’ve gained over the years to grow not just a client base but a financial services business.

Build residual income into your practice – We constantly come across financial professionals who, despite being in the industry for many years, haven’t learned some best practices on how to build win-win relationships with clients through outstanding service and residual income. We believe the fiancial professional-client relationship is critical and teach experienced financial professionals how to setup their clients and business for long term success.

Financial Professional Careers

If you are among those who have had successful financial professional careers but are looking to take your business to the next level, Parsonex may be the home you have been looking for. Successful financial professionals careers require hard work, persistence, and a culture that provides synergy to your efforts. Our focused business system empowers experienced professionals, like yourself, to take your financial professional career to the next level. We have systems that streamline client acquisition and enhance your ability to effectively service your book of business. By outsourcing time consuming functions to administrative personnel, you can focus on the things that drive your business growth, income, and ultimately your desired lifestyle.

Additionally, if you have had a successful financial professional career, you may be in a great position to mentor others who are working hard to get their financial professional career going. Our system emphasizes teamwork and helping others succeed. We also reward you for investing in others through our compensation system, ownership options, and firm partnership potential.

Contact us to connect with an experienced professional who has made the transition to Parsonex and taken their financial professional career to the next level!

Experience Parsonex

The Parsonex professional network consists of long term relationships with independent financial professionals who care about delivering great products, providing excellent service and engaging in a culture that puts clients first.

Client Philosophy – We believe in doing what’s right for our clients. As an independent firm we work with a variety of product partners to offer our clients highly competitive products and services. While other firms have access to these products, how we apply philosophies such as buy term and invest the difference or owning equities long term is what makes us unique. We don’t believe in using insurance as a savings vehicle and equity indexed annuities are not investments. The synergy of having a very focused message for clients helps perpetuate the growth of your business.

Incentive Trips – Parsonex has incentive trips which financial professionals can qualify for every six months. These trips are a fantastic opportunity to work towards, relax on and network with other leaders at a relaxing all inclusive resort or on a cruise.

Recognition & Rewards – Parsonex fosters healthy competition and has an exciting rewards and recognition program for representatives who achieve various levels of success.

Streamline Your Business

We have put a variety of turnkey systems in place to help you streamline your business.

Leading Edge Technology Platforms – Parsonex operates in an almost completely paperless environment, utilizing electronic signatures and other technologies to help our financial professionals streamline their business. The more time our financial professionals can focus on building relationships with clients and their team, the faster they can grow. That’s why we “outsource the mundane” as one of our reps puts it.

Centralized OSJ – Most firms have a decentralized Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) which transfers a great deal of liability to the field supervisors and puts a heavy compliance burden on branch managers and field leaders. We believe that a centralized system of supervision better serves our clients and field leaders because it significantly reduces conflicts and increases the quality of oversight. Compliance Specialists in the Home Office receive specialized training and are qualified to effectively administer compliance functions. Parsonex financial professionals and field leaders are able to dedicate their time to growing their business and outsource the bulk of the compliance burden to our capable staff.

Effective Compliance – Compliance is extremely important and our firm takes a common sense approach. We believe that the regulatory systems are in place not just to protect consumers but to protect financial professionals as well. We are very proactive in helping our reps do business the right way. Many firms are burdened with “legacy compliance” rules that put customers and financial professionals at a disadvantage. We believe in taking a practical, common sense approach to helping you utilize systems, technologies and products in a common sense way.

Required Commitment

Our opportunity might sound too good to be true. It isn’t too good to be true, but it is too good to be free. There are costs both from a financial standpoint and a time commitment to building a business in financial services.

While some firms subsidize licensing costs, they almost always require you to be full time, will pay you less compensation through lower commission rates or haircuts, or are captive and will force you to sell their products. Starting your business with Parsonex offers you and your clients significant advantages because you will be able to earn competitive compensation while simultaneously offering your clients highly competitive products.

The time commitment for most part-time financial professionals is 10-15 hours per week. The financial commitment to operating a financial services business with Parsonex varies depending on your resident state and which states you would choose to be licensed in. There are initial licensing and registration fees as well as several hundred dollars per month for errors and omissions insurance and services to operate your business. Additionally, you will likely choose to invest in marketing to promote your business.

While there is a financial and time commitment, the rewards are worth it! Building a business with Parsonex will not only provide you additional income but will enable you to start building a residual income that can grow long term while maintaining a flexible lifestyle.

Why Small Independent Broker Dealers?

In 2017 there were 3,726 broker dealers and almost 90% of these firms were small independent broker dealers.  If you are an experienced financial professional and you have been around the block a couple times, you probably know what types of firms you like, and which types of firms you don’t like so much.  Many financial professionals are drawn to the freedom, flexibility and opportunity that comes with independent firms.

But these days, a new variation of the captive independent broker dealer firms has emerged.  Large independent broker dealers.  Let’s face it.  Some of the large firms in our industry have so many complex compliance restrictions and are so far removed from the personal attention independent financial professionals used to covet that it is causing some financial professionals to look elsewhere.

At Parsonex, we are a successful small independent broker dealer that feels like home. We have grown with a dedicated group of financial professionals since 2007 and are expanding. We believe in being great at what we do and believe that growth is natural an organic.

We have helped many experienced financial professionals take their business to the next level. If you are looking for a great small independent broker dealer that feels like home, you found it.  Reach out to us for more information.

You can take a look at the 2018 FINRA Industry Snapshot if you want lots of detailed information about the industry.

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