Morgan Ayers, Peoria, Arizona

Morgan Sample

For Morgan Ayers, building a successful independent financial professional career didn’t happen overnight. Ayers has been in the financial services industry since 1981. Having worked for a few different independent firms over the years, Morgan says that when he found Parsonex, he found a home.

“A lot of people who have been in the industry decide that an independent financial professional career is a better route for them than staying with a company that holds them captive. Being independent certainly has lots of benefits. However, an independent financial professional career with the wrong company can be challenging, lonely, and an uphill battle. What’s great about the Parsonex system is that it is a team of people who are dedicated to my success and providing synergy to my efforts. I get to focus on my strengths in an environment that helps me deliver the best possible service to my clients. In other words, an independent financial professional career with Parsonex was the path I had always been seeking.”

And it’s a path which has rewarded Ayers and his family for their hard work. Ayers immediately had success with Parsonex, earning just under $200,000 his first year with the firm and then just under $400,000 his second. The biggest difference, Ayers says, has been the culture and environment that Parsonex nurtures.

“Other companies have products and systems, but Parsonex has all that in addition to an exciting culture you want to be a part of.”

“I decided that I wanted to offer my clients exceptional service and I believe I do that better than anyone in the industry. Parsonex helped me transition to a business model where I was compensated for serving my clients and providing them ongoing advice long term. This made more sense for my clients and more sense for me.”

In addition to being a top producer in the firm, Ayers has a team where he has developed two other six figure earners and is continuing to grow. Ayers believes that while he always was willing to work hard and had significant experience, he hadn’t found a system that would provide synergy to his efforts until Parsonex.

“Parsonex believes in doing what’s right for clients not just selling them products. Previous firms I was with lacked an energizing culture that looked out for the needs of client’s and the financial professional who were working with them. Parsonex is a network of people who believe in simple, disciplined investment philosophies and support one another in building a business.”

If you are an experienced professional who is looking for an independent financial professional career with the right company, contact us to see if Parsonex may be a good fit for you and your business.

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