Jeremy Clevenger, Murrieta, California

jeremy clevenger - How can I become a financial advisor

Like many professionals looking for a different career, Jeremy Clevenger asked himself “ How can I become a financial advisor without sacrificing the security of my current full-time career?” The answer he found…Parsonex.

Jeremy Clevenger is a PGA professional who has been in the golf business his entire career. As the head pro at two golf courses, Jeremy joined Parsonex in 2012 to supplement his income.

The opportunity to help people plan for retirement and other financial goals is great. I enjoy teaching people how to plan for their future and to understand the fundamentals of how money works. It’s a business that allows me to use my coaching and teaching skills to help families while providing an excellent income for my own family.

Jeremy is a natural at building relationships and uses the same teaching and coaching skills he has perfected as a golf instructor to help families plan for retirement. Earning over $42,000 in his first year with Parsonex, Jeremy continues to grow his Parsonex business by serving his clients and mentoring other advisors.

“How can I become a financial advisor wasn’t the only question I asked. I wanted more. How can I be a financial advisor who does the right things for his clients? How can I be a financial advisor who provides excellent service? How can I be a financial advisor without giving up the security of my full time job? As I looked at the possibilities, it became clear that Parsonex was uniquely positioned to help me achieve my goals while doing a great job for families.”