“How to Become a Financial Planner” – Steve Smit, Gardnerville, Nevada

how to become a financial planner

When Steve Smit started researching how to become a financial planner, he received a lot of offers, but couldn’t find the unique opportunity he was looking for. Until he came across Parsonex.

“When I was investigating how to become a financial planner, I was looking for a few key things. First, I was looking for a firm that believed in the same investment philosophies I had been teaching for years. I wanted to be able to do the right things for clients and not be pressured to sell products I didn’t believe in. Second, I wanted a firm that would allow me to build a business with trail income so that I could service clients long term. Lastly, I didn’t want to risk not being able to deliver on the promises I was going to make to clients. If I had jumped in full-time immediately as other firms wanted me to do, I would have risked becoming a statistic where 85% of financial professionals fail. Parsonex showed me how to become a financial planner and transition into the industry in a way that worked for our family.”

Steve & Melissa Smit live in Gardnerville, Nevada and have been with Parsonex since 2010. As a sales manager for a heavy equipment company, Steve was doing well and earning a great income which provided his family a comfortable lifestyle.

Steve and Melissa are also extremely involved in their church where they have taught Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University for many years. Because of the Dave Ramsey training and flexibility in his schedule as a sales manager, Steve investigated opportunities for additional income. He looked at several financial planning firms and chose Parsonex because the culture and philosophies aligned with his approach to helping families and allowed him to start on a part-time basis.

From the start, the Smits chose to build their business with a focus on residual income, knowing that they wanted to provide excellent long term customer service to their clients.

“Starting part-time and building up $50,000 of recurring revenue allows people like me the opportunity to build up a base income prior to transitioning careers. Initially the extra cash flow supplemented our lifestyle. It enabled Melissa to focus on our kids, we took some really nice vacations and went on a couple Parsonex incentive trips. Long term, the recurring revenue serves as a base level of income to make a transition to full-time much more comfortable.”

The Smit’s followed the Parsonex system and are an excellent example of how to become a financial planner the right way, have success, and stay in the business long term.  Steve subsequently transitioned to full-time and quickly qualified to become a branch president.  He owns and operates a branch office in Gardnerville, Nevada and is one of the highest residual income earners in Parsonex.

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