Carol Griffin, Arvada, Colorado

Become an Independent Financial Advisor - Carol Griffin, Arvada, Colorado

Carol Griffin wasn’t looking at how to become an independent financial advisor when she retired at a young age. Being financially independent, she chose the career to help others experience the success that she had achieved. Her passion for helping people follow simple financial principles and invest long term have allowed her to help families and build a successful business with Parsonex.

Carol and Gary Griffin were first exposed to the world of investing when they started their “Harley Fund” by investing $25 per month. This resulted from a meeting with a financial advisor many years ago where Carol and Gary decided to create a budget and begin investing. Over the years they continued to invest and grew their investment accounts to over $1.5 million.

Learning the fundamentals of investing and applying them in our own life was transformational for us. We were able to become financially independent because someone took the time to educate us, develop a plan, and work with us over the years. I got into the business because I wanted to do the same thing for other people.
Carol got into the financial services industry because she wanted to teach people how they could become financially independent like she did. Starting part-time she was able to learn the business and ultimately transition to full-time with Parsonex where she has earned over $100,000 in a year.

“I started with a captive firm because I didn’t know how to become an independent financial advisor. Parsonex gives me the freedom to build my own business, but all the support I need to focus on serving my clients well. The network of advisors at Parsonex is like a family.”

Carol’s story is another example of how to become an independent financial advisor with Parsonex! She continues to serve her clients and is building a team of advisors in Colorado.

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