Become a Financial Professional

Take Control Of Your Future. Become a Financial Professional With Parsonex.

If you want to become a financial professional in financial services, Parsonex has a unique opportunity for the right person.  Our firm allows aspiring professionals to transition into the industry without the pressure.

  • Do you like helping people plan for their future and implement financial strategies?
  • Are you looking to transition into a business from your current career?
  • Do you wish that you had more freedom, flexibility and stability financially and in business?

If you become a financial professional with Parsonex, you will have an opportunity to build your own business, help families pursue their goals and dreams, and pursue financial independence in your own business.

Help Families Plan For Tomorrow

If you are passionate about helping families succeed, understand the importance of financial planning and believe in building great long term relationships, Parsonex is the place for you to become a financial professional.

Even though you can earn great income and have a flexible lifestyle, you need to become a financial professional on a mission.  Our most successful financial professionals care about serving their clients with excellence, are committed to building lasting relationships, and know that being an independent fiduciary empowers to this end.

Build Your Business With An Independent Firm

Many aspiring professionals become a financial professional with a captive firm  The challenge this presents is that your upside is often limited and you don’t have the freedom and flexibility to market all the products and services available in the independent market.

However, most independent financial services firms don’t let you become a financial professional on part-time basis and transition.  This creates a lot of risk when transitioning into the industry because you have to give up the security of your current career, profession or income and lay it all on the line.

If you become a financial professional with Parsonex, you can transition at your own pace and be with an independent firm from day one.

Serve Clients With Excellence

Too many people in financial services think that products make the difference. Do you want to choose a good mutual fund?  Of course if given the option. Do you want to find a lower cost fund? All things being equal, of course yes.

However, the financial services industry focuses too much energy on the features, often extremely intricate, rather than the benefits.  Most investment products have become commoditized and can be purchased at an extremely low cost online or through a robo-financial-professional.  The days of a broker calling with a stock tip that you should buy because they have better access to information are mostly gone.

The value that financial professionals, at least the good ones, can and should deliver is exceptional service through a long term relationship.  Only by really getting to know clients, understanding their aspirations, situation and emotional profile related to risk can one properly advise clients.

And it is precisely this relationship that make an impact in the client’s behavior at the proper moment.  Helping clients do the right thing, avoid doing the wrong thing, and avoid making a financially devastating mistake. (This is often called the BIG MISTAKE.)

The beauty of a service business, is that we, as financial professionals, are paid to help our clients, to take care of their needs, and make their life easier as it relates to investments.  We are there to help them along a journey that hopefully leads to better outcomes, better results.  Not because of excessive risk taking that leads to higher returns or higher loss, but because of the clients focused behavior on a long journey.

Become a financial professional that builds long term relationships. Become a financial professional that understands their value.  Become a financial professional who is focused on superior service. And last, but not least, become a financial professional that is in it for the long term success of their clients.  If you become a financial professional in that vein, you will also become a financial professional who is successful and happy.

Start your career as a financial planner!

In the famous words of Lafayette: “Cur non?”

Which means “Why not?”