Parsonex can teach you to use your passion and time to build your own financial advisory business!

Jumping into the financial industry may not seem like a straightforward or stress-free process, but there is much success to be had if you have the passion to make a difference in people’s lives by steering their financial future on the right path. While in the past the profession of financial advising has had a reputation of being packed with pressure, limited to only selling a particular set of products, and frequent burnout, Parsonex has created a better way by letting you build your financial advisory business on your own time.

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The Best Financial Advisors See The Long-Term View

The most important thing a financial advisor can do is work with their clients to see the long-term plan and help them stay focused on that plan. A successful financial advisor will work toward that same long-term view for their business by focusing on long-term client relationships rather than taking up-front commissions. The end result is a foundation of residual income and long-lasting healthy client relationships. At Parsonex, we teach you how to become a financial advisor and build a business that focuses on a long-term service model rather than a traditional sales model. In order to succeed in this, advisors must:

  • Build Residual Income – advisory fees and trail commissions incentivize financial advisors to provide clients with top-notch service and help them stay focused on their long-term goals.
  • Service a limited number of clients – by limiting the number of clients you service you can build stronger relationships and provide better better service and value to their life.

The Parsonex system is designed to help advisors achieve both of these goals! By starting part-time, our advisors are able to select options for their clients that make the most sense for their goals and provide consistent income that allows them to build the foundation for a successful business. Parsonex advisors choose how many clients they are comfortable working with and have the opportunity to expand their business further by mentoring other advisors in our system. The key to the Parsonex philosophy is simplicity, and we provide a strong training environment that builds leadership skills along with your business.

Advantages to Building your Business At Your Own Pace:

There are many advantages to building a business with Parsonex:

  • Earn additional income to supplement your current salary and lifestyle.
  • Learn from experienced advisors through our mentorship program.
  • Build residual income with consistent earnings before transitioning careers.
  • Grow a business at your own pace without the financial pressure of being full-time and having to “make sales” to survive.
  • Gain valuable experience before you make a full-time commitment.
  • Find out now if this career change makes sense for you and your family.
  • Focus on helping families plan for their long-term goals by offering highly competitive products you can be proud of (a benefit of being an independent firm).

Our new advisors can focus on long-term planning, serving clients with excellence, and earning residual income on assets under management. Build your future as a financial advisor with Parsonex without the pressure typically associated with starting as a full time advisor.

A Comprehensive Training & Development Program

Professional training and development are critical to learning how to become a financial advisor who is both professional and successful. Developing the skills and experience necessary to serve clients with excellence is easy with the assistance of Parsonex who equips you with the tools necessary to excel. Our training program teaches you how to become a financial advisor in three important areas:

  • Licensing & Registration – We operate in a highly regulated industry. To become a financial advisor you must obtain the proper insurance, securities, and investment advisory licenses. See the “Commitment” section for costs associated with this process.
  • Building A Client Base – We will help you learn how to become a financial advisor and create a clear business and marketing plan for acquiring clients. This will help you accelerate building your clients and income.
  • Professional Training & Development – Learning how to become a financial advisor who is successful and professional doesn’t happen overnight. We have a comprehensive financial advisor training program that is delivered in a variety of live and online formats to help you learn at your own pace. Our network of experienced financial advisors share best practices and provide a clear development path that helps you take the next step toward your goals.

Steve Smit

“Starting part-time and building up $50,000 of recurring revenue allows people like me the opportunity to build up a base income prior to transitioning careers.” Read Steve’s story…

Jeremy Clevenger

“It’s a business that allows me to use my coaching and teaching skills to help families while providing an excellent income for my own family.” Read Jeremy’s story…

Carol Griffin

“We were able to become financially independent because someone took the time to educate us, develop a plan, and work with us over the years.” Read Carol’s story

Required Commitment

While our opportunity at Parsonex isn’t too good to be true, it is too good to be free. There are costs from both a financial standpoint and a time commitment. We believe it is important to be upfront about these commitments so you can make the best decision for you and your career. The financial commitment to building your business with Parsonex depends on the individual and what states they choose to operate. The investment our financial advisors commit to provides for licensing and registration fees, as well as required monthly errors and omissions insurance. We also offer marketing services to promote your business that our advisors can choose to invest in. In regards to a time commitment, most new part-time advisors will need to commit 10-15 hours per week. While there is a financial and time commitment, the reward is worth it! Building a business with Parsonex will not only provide you additional income, but will also enable you to start growing toward a stable residual income while maintaining a flexible lifestyle.

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